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Anyone who has been involved with a family wedding knows that sometimes it’s all hands on deck.

When Wally’s son Zack got engaged to his college sweetheart Sara, Zack naturally put his dad in charge of the guys’wedding attire. Wally got to work picking out suits, ties, pocket squares and suspenders for Zack and his groomsmen. He put together the perfect ensemble to fit the elegant-yet-relaxed vibe of the wedding at a resort on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. For Zack, not to mention his father and future father-in-law, a major perk of this choice of wedding location was the beautiful golf course on premises. A friendly golf tournament to kick off the wedding weekend was a no-brainer.

So Wally found himself tasked with another wedding-related project: He was asked to design a baseball cap for all of the wedding guests taking part in the golf outing. When he considered logos, a crab immediately came to mind. Zack was born and raised in Louisiana, and Sara grew up in Maryland — both states that are passionate about their seafood. From a young age, the bride and groom both loved picking crabs and feasting on jumbo lump crabmeat (although Sara didn’t know the added pleasure of crawfish until she met Zack and visited his family in Mandeville).

Wally worked with a designer to create the perfect crab, just the right size and just the right shade of red-orange (cooked!) to put on khaki baseball caps. They were such a hit that everyone, wedding guests as well as passers-by in the hotel, who saw the golfers’ hats wanted one for themselves. So when Wally returned to Mandeville after the wonderful wedding weekend, he decided to make the crab logo his signature. He went beyond hats and added the crab to collared shirts in many colors — including, of course, Purple & Gold and Black & Gold.

The crab has personal meaning for us at H.W. Rosenblum, and we hope wearing Craberdashery reminds you of the seafood feasts you’ve enjoyed with your own family and friends.